The Producer's Flask

Sun-Ray Photo Co. Decal


Sony Micro-Nikkor 60mm/f2.8


Will Video Kill Photography’s Stars?

No, of course not.

At some point, we will have a camera that combines technology like those listed below in a wafer configuration that ultimately means capturing everything around you, all the time, with the ability to reconfigure at will.

beaucoup frames per second

for the ability to refocus at will.

a 20’x24″ negative, for resolution.

sensitivity in all light levels

hologram experience you can walk through.

Perhaps then the difference between a “still” and “motion” photographer will harder to delineate.

But how can one kill the other? That’s just silly.

Custom Content Conversion. Crossing the Analog Digital Bridge

Let me help you future proof your media memories.

Tammy left her camera in the rain.


Soligor C mount 75mm Television lens mounted on a Sony Nex 5

Modern Day Diana. Creamy Lomo results. SONY DSCSONY DSC

I’m holding out for 64K TV

It will look awesome on my Dick Tracy wristwatch TV.

I always try to put the USB cable in upside down

Is it because I’m left handed?

Afraid of success?

If I were to go with my opposite instinct at the moment of truth, would the outcome be different?

My first Sony was a pamphlet

my first sony was a pamphlet

I carried this pamphlet around everywhere I went when I was 12. The year was 1969, and my allowance was 50 cents a week. It takes a while to amass $69.99 that way, so I imagined my life with a Sony tape recorder.

Meet the Swinger


My first camera. A Polaroid Swinger Model 20. Bought from Woolworth’s in 1970 when I was 13.

I just had an acid flashback where Matthew Brady bitch slapped a guy who was in process of photographing his omelette with an iphone…

Or, the tools of media production have changed a lot in recent years. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Discuss.